The Alaskan Mystery Crate


Product Description

The Alaskan Mystery Crates are filled with an assortment of products of our choosing.  We have been reorganizing our inventory and have a lot of products that we just have one or two items left of.  We also have a lot of beautiful samples that we have gathered over the past 2 years that for one reason or another, we have not ordered more of.  This is your chance to get a “surprise” crate with some items that no one else has!!!  The products are beautiful!

The Products come packaged in our handcrafted crate that is made here at A Piece of Alaska.  Shipping is included in the cost of your crate.  We are also happy to include an Alaskan Gift Card for you with your gift message if your crate is going to someone else.  Crates typically ship within 48 hours of ordering.  We will email you an order confirmation and another email when the crate is shipped.