july crate 5
july crate 5

The Bald Eagle Crate


Product Description

The Bald Eagle Crate is a very special crate.  It has products made by Alaska Native artists.  The Alaska Native artists have access to materials that other artists do not such as furs, bones and skins.  Some of these products are typically shown and sold in museums so we are honored to have a few of them to add to our crates.  Needless to say, they are a little bit more expensive but are truly a “Piece of Alaska” you will not find just anywhere.   

The crate includes a Dream Catcher from Alaskan Reflections in Moose Pass, Alaska, a native mask made out of a whale vertebrae with polar bear hair made by Larry Adams of Wasilla, Alaska, an antler back scratcher from Alaskan Reflections in Moose, Pass, Alaska, a Sealskin Bracelet made by Nanauq in Barrow, Alaska, a Birch Tree Candle from Simple Alaska in Palmer, Alaska, a Carved Birch Tree Spoon from Daniel Bates in Fairbanks, Alaska and a piece of Reindeer Jerky from Indian Valley Meats in Indian, Alaska. 

We also have some Alaskan Cards that we are happy to include with your gift message upon request.  All products are shipped in our handcrafted crates made by us at A Piece of Alaska.  Shipping to the United States is included.  Crates typically ship out within 48 hours or on a date of your choosing.