Who are we and are we really from Alaska?

Alaska residency standards are very stringent among the locals. It takes awhile to be accepted into the club and acknowledged as a real Alaskan. We are sorry to say that although we would like to believe we have achieved “sourdough” status (after living here for over 30 years), some of the real old timers would probably beg to differ with us. But whether we are still “cheechakos” or have proven ourselves to be true Alaskans, we have a deep love for our state. We weren’t born here but we are here to stay!

John & Cheri Francis

We would love to briefly introduce ourselves to you!  Our names are John and Cheri Francis.   We live in Wasilla, Alaska.  In addition to A Piece of Alaska, which we are working on together, we each have been in business for many years in our own local businesses.  Cheri owns an educational Preschool (not daycare) which opened in 1989 and is still going strong and John owns a computer repair store which opened in 2000.  We love our local businesses and our customers and are taking our combined business experience to bring you A Piece of Alaska.

But we can’t take all of the credit.  A Piece of Alaska is a family owned business. It is the brain child of several members of our family that has been tossed around for several years and we are partnering up with our daughter Lyssa, to bring it to you.  She was born in Anchorage and is a life long Alaskan.  Her creativity and excellent eye for products that would appeal to people of all ages is proving invaluable to us. 

 We have heard time and time again from family and friends that have come to Alaska, that they wish they could take a piece home with them. So – here we go! We are excited to be able to share just a small part of the beauty and uniqueness of our state with all of you that live “outside” as well as some of our fellow Alaskans!

We are constantly amazed by the level of talent that there is all around us from the native arts to the culinary arts to the graphic arts and everything in between.   We hope you will place an order and welcome a “Piece of Alaska” into your home.




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